phone chat girl Phone chat is gaining in popularity with more people joining every day and most people start out with a free trial phone chat. This allows them to try the service out for themselves before committing to a membership or paid session.

Getting started with phone chat

Firstly you need to find a service that offers free trial phone chat. Fortunately this isn't difficult and your local newspaper or phone book will probably have some listings and you can even look online for phone chat numbers. Once you call the chat line you will be presented with various options and you will be asked for a credit card number. This is used primarily for age verification and you will not be billed unless you choose to take out a membership or join a paid session (make sure you confirm this with the operator if you are unsure).

From here you can join the chat. Most quality providers will have different "rooms" or "groups" much like Internet chat rooms. Some of examples of these might be; singles, black, bbw, gay, Christian, single parents and many more. You can select a group that you are interested in and you will be connected with people who are also interested in the same thing so you can begin chatting. Groups like these can also be found on most party lines and in general there is not too much difference between these two types of chat. While you are registered with the free trial you might only be able to listen in, but this will vary depending on the chat provider.

Differences between phone dating and phone chat

There are some major differences between phone dating and phone chat. However, many phone chat providers also offer phone dating services. Phone dating allows users to leave messages with individuals they are interested in, listen to profiles and create their own profiles with personal information. Users are also given a personal mailbox that they can access at any time. Mobile dating goes one step further and gives users access to picture profiles, video chat, instant messaging (text dating). It also gives users access to proximity dating where people can find other members for dates via GPS! It is worth noting that users connected to free trial phone chat will not have access to these services in most cases.

Joining the chat

Free trial phone chat is offered by all quality phone chat providers so users can try their service. However, there are many below par chat lines that have shady deals. Remember to always read or listen to the terms and conditions of the phone chat provider you choose and confirm payment before you continue! Stick with a quality provider like Talk 121 to make sure you have a fun time. Phone dating is very safe and you only need to give out the information you choose to. If you ever feel unsafe or offended you can simply hang up! This is what makes it such an attractive service to many people. The most important thing is to have a great time, make some friends and have some fun!